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Michael Brecker Archive

Steve Neff has a great article about Michael Brecker’s addition to the Living Jazz Archive.

Steve Neff’s Blog Post:

Dr. David Demsey at William Paterson University contacted me a few years ago to tell me about the “Living Jazz Archives” that the University was building and how they were adding a Michael Brecker Archive to the already existing archives that they already had. The Living Jazz Archives are:

A TEACHING TOOL for William Paterson University Jazz Studies majors, for classes in other academic areas across campus, and for visiting groups of students of all ages from public schools, from other colleges and universities, and the general public.

A RESEARCH CENTER for professional scholars, authors and researchers and for faculty from other institutions.

A MINI-MUSEUM honoring the lives and careers of these great jazz artists and their important contribution to the history of jazz, by displaying their music, artifacts and memorabilia using audio, video and multi-media.

AN ARCHIVE, containing the archived collections of Clark Terry, Thad Jones, James Williams, Michael Brecker, Mulgrew Miller and other collections, maintaining and preserving those materials in perpetuity.

Probably the most interesting thing for EWI players is this:

The latest big news: equipment! THREE EWI’s, including the original prototype, a second model that is new to me, and the final model that places hands side by side.”

Roland Doubles Down On The Aerophone

I like the Roland company. They have a history of making great products. Roland Keyboards, Keyboard Amps, Sound modules, and of course the Roland V-Drums. However, their Aerophone is a rather questionable entry for the company. They are now doubling down on the Aerophone, introducing the Aerophone GO. I think this is their attempt to get into the “mobile space”. Or musician who is “on the go” and just has to have something to play or record when out and about. I’m not really convinced that is really what happens out in the real world but whatever.

Basically, this would be like the Akai USB EWI where you need to tether the device to some sort of computer or “mobile device”. It isn’t “soundless”, and comes with a whopping 11 preset sounds with more available if you pair it with a smart phone. The mobile app also allows you to take a song slow it down or loop it, which could be valuable for learning songs.

The most interesting thing is the addition of Bluetooth LE and the ability to do midi over it. The Roland Aerophone AE-10 does not have this. Akai’s EWIs do not have this. And do we even need to mention Yamaha at this point? Anyone……No?. Midi over Bluetooth is a huge plus for this device, making it a great potential device for controlling software synth rigs (think Omnisphere on a mini PC controlled by the Aerophone). Adding midi to something like an Akai 4000s using Wireless MIDI Interface mi.1 [Rev.3] is dodgy at best.

CMUSE Recommendations On EWIs

Sometimes, there are bad reviews. This is one of them.

CMUSE (which I’ve never heard of) did a list of the 4 Best Electric Wind Instruments. Basically, it sucks.

They put the EWI5000 at the top, followed by the Roland Aerophone, then the EWI5000 USB, and THEN the EWI4000S. They list the “cons” on the EWI4000S as “no specific synthesized sounds, no specific instrument is set for the electronic wind instrument”. WTF?

How about the CON on the EWI USB as “you need a freaking computer to get it to do sounds?”. And the “Pros” on the Roland Aerophone is “Sturdy. Has onboard monitors as well as headphone output playing anytime and anywhere”. WTF? The EWI 4000S had headphone output? Mention that? Nope.

Basically my list would be Akai EWI5000 and EWI4000 at the top, and maybe the Yamaha WX5, and then maybe the Roland Aerophone, and last would be the EWI USB. So lame.

Midi Quest for iPad

Looking for a way to manage your EWI other than EWITool and the Akai Vyzex program? Great news, there is an iPad editor called Midi Quest that works GREAT.

It requires a $49.95 in-app purchase to unlock the whole thing, but it might be a good alternative for people who use more iPad music things than laptop.

Roland Aerophone AE-10

Roland has introduced a new Digital Wind Instrument. Awesome!


All the saxophone sounds you need in one instrument

Nothing beats the sound of your favorite acoustic sax, but sometimes its tone might not be quite right for the job at hand. Whatever scenario you’re playing in, the Roland Aerophone AE-10 has the onboard digital sax sounds you need. Choose from alto, tenor, soprano, and baritone sax types that all respond just like their acoustic counterparts to your playing dynamics and articulation, thanks to Roland’s advanced SuperNATURAL modeling technology. Alongside individual sounds, you can pull off a seamless performance with the Full Range feature, automatically switching between sax types by key range.

Review: Suonopuro EWI Sound Library

If you are an EWI 4000S owner, you probably have outgrown the factory presets. And perhaps you already own or know about Patchman’s great presets. So now what? You could design your own patches using the Akai editor. Or you could grab some interesting patches with EWITool2’s patch exchange.

There is now another option for getting some great, unique patches for your EWI 4000s. The Suonopuro EWI presets is a collection of patches that reproduce the sound of some legendary synths. Go check it out. The sounds are very well done and totally worth the price to give your EWI some new sounds.