EWI Tool Moving to Java

A couple of months ago, Stephen Merrony, the creator of the free EWI4000s patch editor announced he was going to rewrite the thing in Java. While still not idea, Java is worlds better than whatever it was written in (QT?).

Now he is looking for people to test out a beta of it. If you have a 4000s and want to spearhead a project for it to have a better/modern editor, join the EWItool group and sign up to be a tester!

4000 Octave Rollers

I have been playing the 4000 for just about a year. Can someone help me with the best ways to ensure that I don’t get “strange and unexpected” attack sounds as I move through the octaves while playing. I seems that my thumb is never properly?

Any ideas on the best technique?


Akai 2000

I own a 2000 module and Patchman refuses to tinker with mine. All I wish to have done is to tweak the patches so they all run smooth. Does anyone know of any other source that can troubleshoot one of these units?

Wireless MIDI Interface mi.1

61VZy9b4kIL._SL1500_About 6 months ago, there was an Indiegogo drive for a Wireless Midi interface. It got funded in June.

“Let your old but good digital piano shine again by connecting your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth wireless MIDI interface.”

Basically, it takes the voltage that is being transmitted on the midi ports and uses that to convert it to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Which means this little $45 thing you plug in will allow you to talk to your iPad, iPhone, Mac or anything that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4).

So, how does this work with an EWI?
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Battery Short In EWI4000s

So, after all the work I did getting the battery clip thing, the batteries somehow shorted out and basically melted the battery area in my EWI4000s. The EWI still works fine using the AC Power adapter, but battery part is totally useless. I suppose I could call up Akai again and see if I could get that whole battery holder thing from their parts department.

Though not sure the cost and actually what the part is called. The Akai parts people aren’t all too clear on what parts are either.

Hello from New User!

Hi, this is Steve Scheinberg from the Baltimore, MD area. Found this site, and am newly registered. Looking forward to the discussions and sharing of hints/tips/problems/solutions, etc.

I’m a long time jazz sax player, playing pro gigs in this area. I started with a Yamaha WX-11 and Yamaha VL70m with the Patchman chip a little more than a year ago. Just “moved up” to the EWI 5000.

Finding the adjustment to the new horn not too terrible at all. The WX-11 already acclimated me to the concept of multiple octave keys. Just getting used to the rollers.

Couple quick observations:

As expected, I can play “faster” on the EWI than the WX. I currently have the DL (delay) set to 5 to get the best balance of speed and cleanliness. That may change.

I’m more comfortable transposing up and down octaves on the EWI. Since there’s no thumb rest, it’s less awkward to “re-home” my thumb on the fly.

Gotta stop hitting the left hand bis key when playing a C!!!!

In general, have to learn to not touch keys I don’t mean to touch.

Vibrato still more difficult to get right on the EWI than the WX. With the WX, it’s more natural for a sax player.

I’m really not wild about the built in sounds on the EWI at the moment.  I’ll have to see if I can come up with maybe 2 or 3 “go-to” voices in the event I don’t want to take my VL70m on a particular gig. Hoping Patchman comes up with a set. The VL70m is still in play! May upgrade that to a Motif Rack XS at some point, but the internal EWI sounds are no match for the VL70m.

I saw an article suggesting the removal of the middle right-pinky key. I’d favor that. I took out the screw, and the key did not just pop out. Did not want to force it! Should it come off without it breaking if I pull a little harder??

I do miss the WX’s alternate fingerings that let you jump to several notes in the next octave without changing the octave key. It’s true what many people say — The WX is more sax-like. But as I mentioned, the EWI can be adjusted to with practice.

Looking forward to trying the computer-based editor to maybe tweak some of the internal voices. Might like them better once I doctor them. Seems kind of stupid the way some are voiced in the “wrong” octave, and you have to “home” your octage key thumb up an octave from the default home rollers. I think I can fix that with the editor… right? The VL70m voices are MOSTLY set in the right “home” octave.

Thanks for letting me post, and I look forward to joining the discussions.

— Steve

Getting my EWI 5000s on Tuesday

Hi Guys!

Happy to be part of this Community. Any feedback from you that have played the instrument already? I have played 4000s now for 4 years and thanks to Patchman I have enjoyed every minute of it. Are the patches – sounds -as good on the 5000s as the ad says? What say you?