Review: Suonopuro EWI Sound Library

If you are an EWI 4000S owner, you probably have outgrown the factory presets. And perhaps you already own or know about Patchman’s great presets. So now what? You could design your own patches using the Akai editor. Or you could grab some interesting patches with EWITool2’s patch exchange.

There is now another option for getting some great, unique patches for your EWI 4000s. The Suonopuro EWI presets is a collection of patches that reproduce the sound of some legendary synths. Go check it out. The sounds are very well done and totally worth the price to give your EWI some new sounds.

EWI Tool 2 Enters Public Beta

Steve Merrony has released the first public beta of EWI Tool 2 (rewritten in Java) to the internet

Please see before installing and using this release. OS X users please note especially prerequisite number 4.

The jar file below should run on all modern versions of Windows, OS X and Linux providing that the prerequisites referred to above are met.

64-bit Windows users who do not already have Java installed could try the .msi installer file below which packages the required Java runtime with EWItool and installs it privately under your account in Windows without affecting other software or users.

Looks really promising to me. I hope this results in a nice stable editor for modern operating systems, and a vibrant community to share some awesome patches for the EWI 4000s.

EWI Tool Moving to Java

A couple of months ago, Stephen Merrony, the creator of the free EWI4000s patch editor announced he was going to rewrite the thing in Java. While still not idea, Java is worlds better than whatever it was written in (QT?).

Now he is looking for people to test out a beta of it. If you have a 4000s and want to spearhead a project for it to have a better/modern editor, join the EWItool group and sign up to be a tester!

4000 Octave Rollers

I have been playing the 4000 for just about a year. Can someone help me with the best ways to ensure that I don’t get “strange and unexpected” attack sounds as I move through the octaves while playing. I seems that my thumb is never properly?

Any ideas on the best technique?


Akai 2000

I own a 2000 module and Patchman refuses to tinker with mine. All I wish to have done is to tweak the patches so they all run smooth. Does anyone know of any other source that can troubleshoot one of these units?

Wireless MIDI Interface mi.1

61VZy9b4kIL._SL1500_About 6 months ago, there was an Indiegogo drive for a Wireless Midi interface. It got funded in June.

“Let your old but good digital piano shine again by connecting your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth wireless MIDI interface.”

Basically, it takes the voltage that is being transmitted on the midi ports and uses that to convert it to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Which means this little $45 thing you plug in will allow you to talk to your iPad, iPhone, Mac or anything that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4).

So, how does this work with an EWI?
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