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Recently retired after nearly 4 decades of teaching composition and electronic music. I got my first EWI 4000s soon after came out. I now have 3. (I also have an EWI 5000 with about 2 hours of use on it collecting dust in my basement ... won't power up/won't charge #@!*%$! I also have a Yamaha VL-70 with Patchman-mod. Coming from a brass background, I use EVI fingering system.

EWItool 2.3.0 “Prerequisites None!”

I’d love to be able to abandon the original patch editor for the EWI400s (It’s so buggy and requires using an old computer stored in my basement!) But I’m having no luck. I am running it on a Mac OSX. There are never any “Core4Midi4J” prefixed ports so I can’t communicate with my EWI. Any ideas?

Excerpt from Help page.
“The next thing to do is to choose the MIDI ports you are going to use to connect to the EWI; go to the EWI menu and select MIDI Connections – that should be self-explanatory, but if you are on OS X you must choose the Core4Midi4J prefixed ports – using any others will prevent EWItool from communicating with your EWI.”