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Review – Koldot Digital Wind Instrument Holder

Having a stand for your EWI is a good thing. For a while, I had a modified guitar stand for my EWI4000s I was using. I even had a little basket thing I 3D printed for it affixed to the stand. It was hacky, and not very portable.

Fast forward to post COVID in California, and me having a Aerophone Pro AE-30 now as my primary controller. I need a stand for it if I’m going on a gig, or just playing it. So, I found this one on Amazon. Koldot Digital Wind Instrument Holder.

This stand works great. It’s small, folds out easily, and more importantly, FITS INSIDE THE AEROPHONE PRO CASE.

Win, win, and win. Oh, and it’s cheap. $30 on Amazon.

It also works with Akai EWIs and probably other Aerophones as well.

If you are looking for a stand, check this one out.

Review: Suonopuro EWI Sound Library

If you are an EWI 4000S owner, you probably have outgrown the factory presets. And perhaps you already own or know about Patchman’s great presets. So now what? You could design your own patches using the Akai editor. Or you could grab some interesting patches with EWITool2’s patch exchange.

There is now another option for getting some great, unique patches for your EWI 4000s. The Suonopuro EWI presets is a collection of patches that reproduce the sound of some legendary synths. Go check it out. The sounds are very well done and totally worth the price to give your EWI some new sounds.